SQUAWESOME – Why is Squamish awesome?

If you live in Squamish you have probably heard the term Squawesome or at least seen the sticker decal on one of your neighbours cars. If you don’t live in Squamish you’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about? So what is Squawesome?  Squawesome is the pride of the people who live in Squamish, that consider it British Columbia’s best kept secret. I’ve lived in Squamish two years now and admit I was a little reluctant moving here from the North Shore of Vancouver. However, Squamish has exceeded my expectations as the ideal location for my family to live, grow and play. Here are my top reasons Squamish is awesome.

The geography in Squamish is world class; mountains, ocean, lakes, glaciers all right here in your backyard. Where else in the world can you find such geographic diversity? I have a spectacular view of the Chief right from my backyard as well as, Garibaldi. Looking out of the window every morning I am in awe of what natural beauty this community has.

Snowboarding, climbing, kite boarding, hiking, mountain biking, the list goes on and on. Winter or summer, all year round you can get your adrenaline fix with one of the many activities this community has to offer.

Based on the Vancouver Real Estate State board statistics for January 2014; the Home Price Index, which measures price trends on the average residence, in Vancouver was $734,367 which includes apartments, townhouses and houses. The same statistic in Squamish was $392,108!! For under $500,000 in Squamish you can get a detached house with a backyard and a garage, can’t get that in neighbouring Vancouver or Whistler.

In this beautiful community, you have the space to grow veggies in your back yard.  If gardening isn’t your thing, there are plenty of farms up the Valley, where you can get local produce, dairy and meats. You live a balanced lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities. There is that small town feeling, where strangers say hi to each other as you pass on the street. Everyone in town here is like minded and believes in a work hard play hard mentality.

Come see for you yourself and check out one of the many attractions Squamish has to offer such as the Farmers Market, the new Sea to Sky Gondola opening in May or what I’m most excited for, the Squamish Valley Music Festival!