Squamish Real Estate Sales SOAR!

Now is a good time to sell your property in Squamish! October was a busy month, 61 properties sold which was the highest since November 2007 and inventory was at a 9 year low! (See graphs below) 

With many buyers and less product to choose from sellers are on average receiving 98% of their asking price in 17 days. Homeowners selling detached houses will have the best luck if your property is listed below $600,000, in Garibaldi Estates or in the Highlands.Townhouses and apartments are also selling, if you're trying to sell Downtown or in the Estates below $450,000 you shouldn't have a problem if your property is priced right. Sales are up 36% in this area of the market! 

If you're a buyer looking to enter the market do not fret, prices haven't gone up yet, you can still get in there, make sure your offer is competitive and you've already spoken with a Mortgage Broker so you have a realistic idea of what you can afford. Talk to your Real Estate agent about all the costs of purchasing, such as lawyer and inspection fees. If you're looking to buy a detached house, your best bargain is anything above $600,000 or in Brackendale. For a more affordable option a 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse in Garibaldi Estates will be your best bet. 

For a complete breakdown by neighbourhood and price range for detached houses please see below or click here.

For a breakdown by neighbourhood and price range for condos and townhouses see below or click here.