Squamish Presale Opportunity ~ Jumar

Sales will be starting in the next few weeks for Downtown Squamish's latest condo, townhome development Jumar! Jumar will be a 7 story condo, town home mixed commercial building on the corner of Buckley and Cleveland, Downtown. The first level will be commercial space, 2nd and 3rd level parking, 4th - 7th story residential. All the one bedrooms will be north facing, 2 and 3 bedrooms on Buckley Street. There will be 12 town homes on the 4th floor that are two stories with roof top patio, all 3 bedroom. Realtors have exclusive access to this project so please contact me asap if you're interested. This project could be an excellent investment opportunity as condo prices are up 28% this year, as there is currently a shortage of condos on the market.